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As you are a good investment you deserve the best by taking good care of yourself.

Holistic Healing

Need Help With…

Anxiety/ Depression
Immune Support
Colds/ Flu
Respiratory & Upper Respiratory
Digestive issues

Head Injuries


Liver detoxing

Diet advice

Children’s Health




I can help. Book an online or face to face consultation today, so that we can make a start on bringing you back to better health.

Online or face to face Consultations

When you have an online consultation it is confidential, I take a case history of the presenting issue at hand. Holistically looking at all areas of health to see what areas I can see to best help you in achieving your health goals. Once consultation is completed, I will send out the treatment plan to you upon payment. I will also send a script through for you so that the products are already to collect. As I like to support you with your health, I sometimes suggest other talented professionals to also help you on your health journey if needed.

Prior to your first consultation, an online patient intake form will be emailed to you for completion.

Your investment is $120.00 for 60-90 minute consultation which may be followed up by 15-30minute consultations to give you that support until you have the tools you need to reach your health goal. This is different for everyone as healing takes different forms for us as individuals and can take time to heal and reach your health goal. This is where it is important not to give up but keep going to do the best for yourself. As you are a good investment you do deserve the best by taking good care of yourself. We can achieve this through holistic healing.  It is also important to note that a lot of  coaching is involved in some conditions where you will need more than one seesion.  The first consult gathers all the information and we start with a plan, however there is a lot of teaching involved in regards to different conditions, the next sessions involves either teaching about diet or the herbs involved and how to manage and maintain certain conditions.  


60-90 minute consult


45 minute consult


30 minute consult


15 minute consult

Quick Fix Consults

I also offer quick fix consults which are 15 or 30 minutes long.  These are designed for people who want a quick option as in how to build up the immune system, tips on detoxing, adopting a healthy diet.   If you want help with a health condition then a full consultation will be best suited to you.  Quick fix consults are charged at the same rate as above, $60.00 for a 30 minute consult, and $30.00 for a 15 minute consult. Try a holistic healing approach to your ailment. These quick fix consults are for the following:

Colds and Flu Symptoms

Tips on going Vegetarian/ Vegan

How To Build Up Immune System

How To Detox